It all started when...

I was reading an article on an interview with an artist years ago.  The musician was speaking about how every instrument he had owned held different songs within it that were waiting to be written.  I’ve found that to be true in my own experiences.  Out of the myriad of instruments I have owned since childhood {pianos, synths, guitars, harmonicas, random foreign instruments that had strange sounds. the list goes on and on}, all of them have offered up different bouts of inspiration from which have come some of the songs I’ve released over the years and many more that haven’t even been sung twice.

It seems like rooms have an effect on songwriting similar to the instruments on which those songs are written.  Like many other inanimate materials, rooms hold memories.  The meals and drinks you shared with friends.  That fire you tried to ignite in your fireplace that wouldn’t light because the wood wasn’t fully dried.  The nights on the couch with your family looking through your parents’ old sepia-toned photo albums.  These are the ghost-like bits and pieces stored away in all those room sized time capsules.  The 11”x11” memory boxes that your mind trails off to while you’re sitting at your desk on a Wednesday working away at your next deadline.

This is the inspiration for a little project I’m launching myself into.  My wife and I have recently moved into our new apartment, probably my 10th living space in the 8 years I've lived in California, and I constantly look back on the numerous amounts of songs written in each home.  Some of these are songs I have written over the past few years, some are brand new, some are compositions for films I'm working on, and some will just be some fun cover tunes that I enjoy; but at the end of the project I hope to have written and recorded 30 songs. I’m sure you can all relate when I say releasing your artistic expressions out into the world can be an extremely vulnerable feeling, so I am both excited and fearful to send these songs out to you.  

I hope you enjoy #theemptyroomsessions